New Product and 2013-2014 Game Reveal

A thread for the new product releases and 2013-2014 VRC Game.

Webcast Link:

Move over FLL, you just got blown away by VEX IQ!

That’s exactly what i said!

So… no new parts for VRC ?

Could not stop thinking this when Jason was on stage… :smiley:


I love the look of the new IQ system, I think FLL is going to be getting a run for their money.

And VEX Toss Up looks awesome! A lot of challenges here including a 12" high bar running across the field and a 40" high bar to hang from. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

I missed the live coverage of the unveiling, is there a way I can view a recorded version of it or something? I tried watching the livestream but it was just the white screen with the logo on it with music in the background.

Bonzo Madrid,

You should be able to scroll back, as I am doing that right now

This link should work as well:

Due to technical difficulties, the webcast archive of the New Product & Game Unveiling will now be found over on the Opportunity Webcast page starting at about the 10 hour mark:

Yes indeed! Especially as FLL is changing systems soon (from the NXT to the brand-new EV3). The price is basically equivalent for the system, you can do more with IQ (apparently) than with LEGO, and you don’t have to buy a truck to transport your field! :slight_smile: If you can’t tell, I’m excited.

This was a great championship, but with all due respect to the Vex Staff who work very hard, I don’t really care for any of the Vex IQ product line. I, and many other teams I hope, wanted to see some new parts for the VRC. Its been two years worth of product releasement and there hasn’t been much improvement in our sensors or really anything new. The Vex IQ line was a great improvement for elementary school children and Vex seems to have done very well… but there was no point in gathering everyone in to watch for an hour as they presented things we cared nothing about.

Anybody else want some new toys?:frowning:

Awesome game !!!

So happy … Alot of my predictions came true !

The rule states that not more than 3 bucky balls may be possessed at once, and possessed is defined as herding. I would like to ask what if during autonomous, I have 3 bucky balls in the robot already, then I drive over the bump, knocking a few more bucky balls into the middle zone. Technically that would be possessing more than 3. What will happen?

I agree completely. Last year they didn’t really have much to offer for VRC, and this year pretty much nothing for us. I think next year they’ll really have to step up their game and come out with some really cool and useful products.
I mean to say, VEX IQ is cool and all and it’ll be great for getting more and younger people involved in STEM, but what about us? I was really hoping for clamping shaft collars and maybe some legal SPST/SPDT switches for making autonomous selection easier. Guess we’ll just have to wait till next year.

Are we allowed to go over the 12" bridge?

As far as the rulebook says, there are no rules against it, so yes.

Would it work if you grab the bridge to get over it… would this be considered latching?

Grabbing the bridge would probably be considered latching, and probably fall under this rule:

That’s probably illegal because the bar might break. If you want an official answer, I BELIEVE that the Q&A is open. You should try posting there.

If you want to go over the bar without any danger of latching. consider something like the stair climbing robot that the Mythbusters built. Obviously this design would not be perfect for Toss Up, but it may give you some ideas

I’m hoping that the PVC hanging bar pipe and metal supports are at least as sturdy as the Round Up ladder. I wouldn’t want to have the field elements sagging or breaking under a really heavy robot.