New Product Idea: Spiral Cord Wrap

I had an idea for a new VEX product that would be very helpful. Throughout this season and past seasons, my team has always had problems with wires being accidentally cut, ripped, and shredded. Even though I do my best to zip tie the wires out of the way, it still manages to happen. What I suggest that VEX should produce is a spiral cord wrap as shown below in the picture. This could come in a long strand and could be cut down to length and be wrapped around all of the wires to keep them organized and safe. Let me know what you guys think.

95% sure we can use this already, as it’s just a cable management system.

Yup, perfectly legal to buy from any company and use. I doubt VEX will invest their time and money to produce a common product that they have already deemed to be competition legal regardless of who you buy it from.

I had no idea that this is legal, I will look into buying some. Thanks.

Incase someone doubts you, here is the rule that says it is legal:

For anyone who doesn’t want to buy this stuff, team 50000 in our region does a very similar thing using elastic bands. It isn’t protective like this would be, but is manages their wires well.
They used it to manage their wires on their now disassembled turret. @Byte Me Robotics

I just got some spiral wire wrap in a few days ago, and it’s now available at

I actually really like this material, it’s really easy to use, and fits well for a large variety of sizes. The small size is 1/8" and expands up to 1/4", the large size is 3/8" and expands up to 3" (recommended max bundle size is 3/4"), and I think I will add a medium size that is 1/4" so there is a size in between too.

And while I’m on the topic of wire management products, I lowered the prices on standard wire loom, and it’s also available in a discounted 20’ length.

Thank you very much, this is very cool. I will look into it.