New Product Ideas Compilation


I had some free time and I compiled a list of new product ideas that were mentioned in the forums. Please ignore spelling and grammar mistakes. Not all ideas are practical/useful/cost efficient/etc., but this is a compilation not a request list.
PartsKitsIdeas.txt (4.37 KB)

I took the liberty of copying and pasting DiodeTech’s list so that users of the forum don’t have to download a strange document. I also fixed some spelling errors. :slight_smile:

- Axle Joiner Frame
- Battery Cable Extension 6-8in
- Relay/H-bridge
	- On/Off or Off/CW/CCW control 
	- Power not through brain
	- Daisy Chained to power more motors
- SD Card/Flash Drive Memory Upgrade
	- Larger Programs
	- Data Capture
- Heat Sink for Motor Controller 29/Motor
- Flat 60 Degree Angle Bracket
- Flat 30 Degree Angle Bracket
- Ammeter
	- Digital
- Corner Brackets
- Flex Shaft
- Slide Potentiometer
	- Attachment for axle and screw to slide
- Flat Metal Counterweight/Flywheel
	- Indent for barlock
	- 2in Dia. 
	- .25-.5in thick
- Linear Screw Block
- Idler Gear Kit
	- 12, 36, 60, 84 tooth
- Force Sensor
	- Light sensor sized
	-Force sensitive resistor/Metal Foil Strain Gauge
- Crown Gears 36 Teeth
- Cam Kit
	- Egg shaped, eccentric, and elliptical
	- Type 1, Type 2 cams
	- Groove cams
- Half Size Gear Kit
	- 24, 48, 72 tooth gears
- Four Hole Bearing Flat
- Hole grid on 60, 36 tooth gears
- Wire Joiner with Mounting hole
- Temperature Sensors for Motors/Motor Controller 29
- Off Board Processing/Computer Feedback
	- Diagnostics
- 1X3X1 C Channel
- 25in Structural Members
	- Bracing
- 84 Tooth High Strength Gear
- USB Extension Cable
	- To move VEXNet key to optimum location
- VEXNet Key Mount
	- To move VEXNet key to optimum location
- 6in Wheel-Leg Tire Segments
- One Way Overrunning Clutch
- Female Threaded Cube
	- .5X.5X.5
- Differential with Sprocket
- SPST Switch
	- Autonomous selection
- Long Rope 8ft
- Air Pressure Sensor
- Voltmeter
	- Measure battery voltage
- Motor With Through Axel Hole
- 36 Tooth Rack Gear
- Truss Bar
	- 35 Length, 4 Wide
	- lightweight, strong members
- Ratchet Kit
	- 15, 35 tooth ratchet wheel
	- Ratchet Rack
	- Ratchet Linear Slide Bracket
- Air Pressure Gauge
- Pneumatic Motor
- Gearhead, Low Speed/High Torque Motor
- Linear Actuator Attachment for Motor
- 5X5 Bearing Flat
- Chain Encoder
	- Use gaps in chain
- 1x1 Angle Snaps
	- Hold together 2 bars at right angles
- Pillow Bearing with Locking Hole
- Flex Plates
	- Use as springs
	- Plastic or spring metal
	- Both bars and plates
	- Curved surfaces
- Trig Angle Plate (Full Circle)
	- Mounting holes at 30, 45, and 60 degrees
- Pneumatic Motor
- Air Spring
- Multiplexor/De-multiplexor
- Number of Teeth Stamped on Motion Parts
- Linear Motors
- Tricolor LED
- Pulley Bracket
- Solenoid
	- 1-2in travel
- Disengaging Clutch
- Locking Clutch/Brake
- Linear Motion Attachment for Motors
	- Replacing part of case
- Worm Gear Kit
	- 36, 48, and 60 tooth worm wheels
	- Opposite pitch worm gear/wheels
- Bevel Gear that can handle higher torque
	- Larger teeth
- Integrated Motor Modules 
	- Temperature Backpack sensor
	- Ammeter Backpack sensor
- Range Finder Infrared/Laser
- Plug Protector
- Opposite Pitch Screws
- Prototyping Boxes
	- Light sensor size, encoder size, and brain size
	- Include bread board
	- Include PMW cable
- Double Pneumatic Tank/Metal Bracket that holds 2 smaller tanks together
	- Attaches to end nuts
	- Include T fitting
- Flex Sensor
	- 6in
	- mounting holes entire length
- Advanced Chain Kit
	- Screw hole perpendicular to plane of chain link
	- Screw hole perpendicular to direction of chain link
	- Screw hole in line with direction of chain link
	- Link to turn plane of chain 90 degrees
- 4in Stroke Pneumatic Cylinders
- DC Braking Enabled in Motors
- Movable Wire Protection on motors
	- Turn to stick out back
	- Come out other side
- Mode Select Module
	- 4 On/Off switches has 14 permutations
	- Size of Reciver Module
	- Each swich turns on/off resisters to change total resistance of module
- Torque Sensor
- Inclinometer
- Magnetic Solenoid Latch
- Beam Load Cell
- Snap Circuit Learning Electronics Breakout Board
	- Circuit Breaker
	- PMW Cable
- Transmission Kit
	- Dogs
	- Shifting arm/spring
	- Transmission frame
- Solenoid
	- 2-3 in travel
- Planetary Gear Kit
	- Planetary carrier with HS gear inserts
	- Various size ring gears
- Spring Kit
	- Compression and torsion springs
	- Compression springs 1 in
	- Include frames
- Advanced Valves Kit
	- Check valve
	- Pressure switch
		- NO/NC ports
		- 3rd 'sensing" port
		- 4th vent port
	- 3/2 valve A-B C plugged/A-C B plugged
	- 4/2 valve A-C B-D/A-D B-C
	- 4/2 valve A-C B-D/A, B, C, and D plugged
	- 4/2 valve A-C B-D/C-D A and B plugged
- Omni Tank Tread
- Mecanum Tank Tread

Thanks. I probably should have used word instead of notepad.

I see quite a few fun ideas. not sure if I would use some for competition but they would be fun to play with. How would you do mechanum tank tread?

I see my recent post about aluminum base plates or stronger aluminum and steel plates isn’t included.

Sorry, there were a lot. I missed some. I deliberately left out the “super motors” because they did not seem physicly possible.

Adding to the list:
IGUS track
SPDT limit switch
Double thickness aluminum plate
Motor limiting circuit
What else did I miss?
Any comments?

Our team suggested blue LEDs. 2.75" mecanum wheels are also something people have asked for.

Nice list! It should make it easier for the VEX guys to go through our suggestions.

What about magnetic allen keys? Those would save so much frustration changing motors and getting screws in tight places.

Actually one of my teammates magnetized some of our hex keys (t-wrench, vex issue style.) and we always hated using them. It actually caused more problems than it solved, because it would keep pulling the screws out of the holes when you’d go to tighten them.

If you want to, you can buy a magnetizer to try it out for yourself, or even just use a magnet to magnetize the hex wrenches with.

you can magnetize your allen wrenches by just placing them in contact with strong magnets. I have neodynium magnets I use for this.