New Product Poll: Follow Up

Hey guys,
So our group began thinking about the options we had in the previous poll.
We came up with a few concerns.
1)A temperature sensor has too few uses to really be usable as a project for our class.
2)The 2.75" mecanum wheels are probably in the making as we speak, and I’m sure we can expect to see them soon.
3)The more versatile bearings would not have enough meat on the bones for our project.

Now, let me explain a little. In order for our problem to be a decent subject, we have to prove previous attempts, come up with statistics and data to back the fact that it is indeed a problem, and then we have to develop brainstorm ideas as to how to solve the original problem.

So, as it stands, we chose the path for tackling IMEs, and actually both Vex encoder options.

I have to ask, do you have any problems with the size or reliability of encoders as you design your chassis or arm?

Also, if you have any other problems that result from using encoders, please leave a post.

Funny this should be the first thread I read coming home from our teams workshop.

The IME’s we were using last year shorted out fairly regularly, however, we mostly fixed the problem by changing how part of our code worked. We also bought new ones for this year which I have heard are much more reliable than the old ones. However, we actually have run into a design idea which might actually be easier if we use the non integrated encoders. All this to say, the current encoders are far too large and really don’t need to be that big. The size of the integrated encoders proves that.

Another thought though would be to create a compass sensor. I have seen on the forum that at least one person has asked about it, vex support mentioned other people have asked about it, and honestly I’d like one too. It would be really handy!

I agree that the current encoders are far too big or unreliable. A compass would also be extremely useful, as they already exist in the robotC virtual worlds. . It would therefore make sense in real life too.

Thanks guys! Our group has a couple design ideas. Once we get past the first evaluation and have more time for making better sketches, we will be sure to put them up for your thoughts, so stay posted! :slight_smile:

To me the size of Both are a problem, everything just seems bulky in our design. If I’m honest Vex needs a wider variety of sensors and if teams create sensors in the part design challenge some may be built in a few seasons time. :slight_smile: