New Product Poll

In our class of Engineering Development and Design, we are tasked with finding a problem and developing a new invention or innovating a current product to solve that problem. We have to analyze our market area and prove that there is not a product that already exists that solves the problem we have chosen.

After much trouble in finding a problem, we have come to look at vex products.

Which problem would you like most to be solved?

Are you planning to enter this online challenge as well? I don’t think you need to have a VEX team to enter online challenges.

IME’s that don’t short out from static electricity on the field would be both really nice and really REALLY helpful.

Yes, we also plan to join the online challenge if our product does work for Vex.

I am surprised that IMEs haven’t received more votes.

There are a few problems with the temperature sensor. If we design a sensor that either, the user puts into the motor on the motor itself, or it is integrated in the casing by the motor as a new whole motor, there will be more wires coming out of the motor for that sensor.

This means that there would be two wires from the motor, and two to three wires from the sensor(ground, 3-5V and signal).

They fixed that ages ago. I have with static crashed the entire cortex before having any IME issues.