New Products Announced at Atlanta

During closing ceremonies VexLabs announced a new gear package would coming out in May. The ones I remember hearing are Bevel Gears, Rack and Pinion Gear and Differential Gearbox.

Bevel Gears should be nice. Be interesting to see how those would be used.

Rack and Pinion Gears will rock my world! I remember one of my friends wanted to have that system for an arm, and had to end up using a chain to replace the Rack Gear. Those will be great.

I assume the Gearbox is just going to be a gearbox.

Now all we need is a worm gear. :slight_smile:

Nice info. Is this all that’s coming out in the near future, or is this just the only one they announced?


We don’ NEED worm gears, our team has built something without them. It would have helped alot to have them, but I assure you, you do not need them. I cannot reveal what we used yet, but it is very different than what you would expect to use.

great, a new gear kit! i have been wanting a rack and pinion smaller than the tank treads, and a worm gear. although, Lego gears mesh great with Vex gears, and they fit right onto the Vex shafts.

The problem is that the lego gear is not legal for competition.:frowning:

yeah, but its good for people who arent on an FVC team (like me:p) although i havent figured out how to use them yet…

Maybe I just missed it but I never heard during the closing ceremonies anything about a new gear pack. I know that there is going to be one because John-V said it would be coming out in April in another thread. When did they mention this, all I remeber is the guy saying “we are listening to you and have new products coming out soon”, but nothing specific.

It was definetly during the opening, not closing, ceremony. He said there would be a new gear kit and larger omni-wheels.

Ah, I saw the “opening” ceremony and left when they strated the first match. It was only later that I found out that dean and woodie had come out to speak after the first match. I’m upset that I missed it now. I do have the video of it though so I’ll have to watch that. Who announced the new kits?

Well I went back and watched what I had of the opening ceremonies, I think I’m missing parts, and I didn’t see any mention of anything new. Anyone else able to back up this claim with more info? Anyone from IFI care to post. I know earlier this year Jonh-V said April for a gear pack, but the first post in this thread indicates May. Has the release date been pushed back?

Someone from IFI came and spoke and said they would come out in early May. I’m not sure if it was Jonh-V, but he was definetly there - I remember seeing him in the row of people shaking hands at the awards ceremony.

Well I guess we’ll have to hope someone from IFI posts…

Innovation First, Inc. had Jason Morrella (our director of education) speak at the opening ceremony. He did indeed announce the new gear kit, along with several other products (to much applause).

We will post more details as soon as we have them ready for release.

(Yes, I was in line at the award ceremony. I did not get to spend a large amount of time on the FVC fields, but I did watch the elimination tournament. I spent most of the weekend coaching my FRC team.)

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.


:smiley: yay:D
:slight_smile: confirmation:)

I recall that bevel gears, rack and pinion, and a differential were anounced. In case you don’t know what a differential is, this is a set of bevel gears that allows you to drive two wheels from a single drive, and allow them to turn at different speeds.

When exactly in May are we talking about here? Should we be looking for them thsi week or at the end of the month?

i dunno but i got the first 2 kits!!!

are you saying you already got them?!?

WHAT!!! I want some!!! Post pics of them.