New Products - April 2019

While some of you may have seen our 100% real new VEXpro product announcement earlier today…
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We also have a couple of other products that are now available for purchase on the VEX Website.
(Note: These are currently only available on the US site, but should be available for international purchase in the coming weeks as our offices receive stock)

First is a 6 pack of 1x1x35 Aluminum Angle (276-6484)

The other new product is a 20 pack of anchors for VEX IQ Smart Cables.


very nice: 1x1x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack) 276-6484
But still cheaper to make your own.


Don’t forget VexGero when you need a mentor older and saltier than a crustacean, e.g. @Foster, @Rick_TYler and @jpearman. Happy April Fools Day!

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I have to say the VEXdro is very tempting, but sadly I don’t think they are in stock currently.:smile:

is V5 back to selling normally?

In my opinion the vex ones are much cleaner and prettier. When I make 1x1 angles by cutting a 1x2x1 c-channel one side is often shorter than the other, and that’s worsened by sanding to make the face smooth and beautiful.

We (Robot Mesh) have started to get some V5 product in stock (see our website), but don’t yet have news on V5 kits. Hopefully, soon.

You can get professionally cut 1x1 angle from

Price is the same, but you only have to pay normal shipping, not VEX shipping.


If I buy a vexbro will I actually get one or will it be a scam?


You won’t know for “8 weeks”!


It seems like they are more of a v1 type of product not a v5.


I was amused!

And I was excited by the cable holders.

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You can experience the excitement of the cable holders for real when you build the HEXBUG truck.

Why are you only supplying Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington? Not complaining, just wondering.

are they compatible with VEX EDR? and competition legal?

it seems like their intended use is for Vex IQ

Even though the cable holders are for IQ, they should fall under R7 for commercial wire-management products, since they are now “commercially available.” An official Q&A would be needed, though.


Or is it legal to use for VRC also, falling under the ‘cable managment’ rule?

probably - spacing is the question…

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Please VEX allow Robot Mesh to supply AZ!!!