New Products August 2008

Hi Guys,
I’m happy to announce the release of a few new VEX products. These can be found on this page:

VEX Foam
VEX Foam is a high quality adhesive backed foam used in industrial and military applications that happens to work great as part of a VEX robot. This fine celled, low compression set, high-density polyurethane foam has high traction. Applications include robot bumpers, vibration isolation, accumulator backing, and any other applications requiring compression. The VEX Foam dimensions are 1 inch wide x 0.25 thick x 60 inches long.

We use this foam on some of the military projects we do. I’ve been using it on VEX Robots for about 3 years now. It is great stuff.

**Adhesive Velcro
**VEX Adhesive Velcro consists of 5 feet of our adhesive backed 1 inch wide Velcro. It includes 5 feet of both Hook and Loop.

One Wrap Velcro
VEX One Wrap Velcro consists of 5 feet of our 0.75 inch wide Velcro One-Wrap. This Wrap comes with Hook on one side and Loop on the other so that it attaches back to itself for a secure closure.

**VEX Latex Tubing
**VEX Latex Tubing comes in (2) 5 ft lengths for a total of 10 ft. The VEX Latex Tubing is made from 35A durometer Latex. The Outside Diameter is 1/8 inch and the Inside Diameter is 1/16 inch. This VEX Tubing can stretch up to 3 times its length and still spring back to its original shape. VEX Latex Tubing is great for any application on a VEX robot requiring spring loading.

Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction. In the event of an allergic situation, consult your doctor immediately.

We’ve been using this stuff on robots for a long time. It is great for any sort of spring application. It works especially well as a “passive assistance” counterbalance for a robot arm (if the Latex Tubing lifts some of the load, the motor doesn’t lift as much).

Hope you enjoy these new products. More to come in the next few weeks/months.


LOL! That came very late for me, I wanted to use everyone of those products for last season’s FTC. Grrrr

Great additions though we want to see some gyros and accelerometers :smiley:

I personally like the foam. I could have used some to save our furniture from my robots

Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? How do these new products relate to the game that will be announced next month?

Just wondering, what military work do you guys do? Do you help the military make robots? That would be really cool!!!

If you don’t want to answer I understand… classified!:smiley:

I think it’s more Innovation First helps out with military projects. I would be highly suprised if Vex was used out there (no offence but it’s not exactly industry standard or like titanium grade metal)

I mainly noticed the latex tubing. Very useful for shooting large objects (balls). HMMM~~~!!!

Also good for building something with spring suspension.

I’m glad to see these things because it’s nice to see that the VEX line is still being expanded in more ways that just new electronics.

There is plenty more cool stuff in the pipeline. Some small things (like these), and some big things. I’m excited, and I think you guys will be too. Stay Tuned.


sounds like some awesome new products are coming out soon. i think ill have to buy some of that latex tubing, seeing as i want to make a launching robot soon. FRC surgical tubing is just too big for vex, but this seems perfect.

VexLabs just loves to vex our pateince. lol jk i want these to help raising a robot arm when you dont quite have enough gears to stop gravity from pushing the arm down (y’know when you have the torque but sometimes when lifting a load it just cant take it)

for goodness sakes, MAKE A GYROMETER ALREADY!!!



lol both in one that would be awesome
i think he means gyroscope

I wish it had come out earlier too or the same reason! :slight_smile:

What other uses are there for the foam? Anyone have any ideas?

If you are making a walking robot, you could make that the soles of it’s feet.
And sometimes you might have parts rubbing on motors or the microcontroller.If so, you can put the foam on those parts.
Also if you have parts that collide and you don’t want them to clang together too much, you could stop that.

The foam should be handy to line the inside surfaces of a gripper/claw, as discussed on this thread.


  • Dean

wrap your microcontroller and other delicate parts in it for protection.