New Products - August 2019

A screwdriver with a ratchet mechanism. You turn it one way, it turns the bit, and when you turn it the other way, the ratchet moves but the bit doesn’t. You don’t need to take your hand off the screwdriver.

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If the hole on top is a hexagon, it’s a hex screw.
If it’s a plus, it’s a Phillip’s head.
If it’s a minus, it’s a flathead.
And if it’s got pointy tips (Six I think?) Then it’s a star head.


Well the pointy tips six a think is a torque drive. Or torque bit.

Ye I think star drives are torque bits, but I’m not exactly sure.

Lol so you’re going to drive into the ep’s school to deliver field elements… that’s going to go well…:stuck_out_tongue:

@CarCar @Railgunawesome

What Vex calls “Star Drive” is actually called Torx™ head screws.


Oh. Thank you
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The field case looks awesome!!

Btw, the instruction for the sizing tool says “this tool was last updated during the 2018-2019 VEX IQ Challenge season, for VIQC Next Level.”

Can we use it for this year’s game?

It does go well, there are gym doors that are the end of “Cube wide” sidewalks. Back it up, dump contents out, set them up and 3 - 2 - 1 GO! Why do you think that gym doors are extra wide? :roll_eyes:

Here’s the reason they are called “Star screws” and not “Torx Screws.” “Torx” screws were developed in 1967 by Camcar Textron, and sold under a license agreement. If you don’t pay the license fee, you can’t use the name “Torx” so you have to call them something else, like “star” or just use “T” (look at your drive tools, if they say Torx, or just T15). The official name (ISO 10664) is “6-lobe hexalobular.” Many companies who import custom screws (including La-Z-Boy, where I used to work as an engineer) buy a generic version to save money over the license version.


We’ll stick with our catering bags…each holds over half a field (so we won’t need more when the field size increases), and we can get them in multiple colors, including “Virus” green for our team!

And occasionally you find a lovely trivia gem like this on the forum. It is always fun to learn new tidbits.


In my experience, set screws for shaft collars work with both 5/64 and t8 drivers. We got some in a v5 clawbot kit, and they worked with both, and it was the same when we tried it on older shaft collars.

Can you post a link to what you have? Thanks!

Each one can hold an entire IQ field if you’re good at Tetris, otherwise, we use a pair to hold a single field and have some extra space to hold elements (or the extra half-field next year).

Several colors are available if you want to color-code your fields.

A single field is tight in one bag, so we use two now, one for tiles and one for sides/corners. That makes it easier for volunteers to pack our stuff properly.


I’m pretty sure the vex IQ field isn’t food sir or mam

“mam” is actually “ma’am,” short for “madam.” But if you hover on my profile picture, or click my user name, you’ll see who I am for real…
We never have to worry about our fields getting spoiled or going rancid :smile:


Hey I was just too lazy to type in that…thing, ok

Dont judge, my grammar sucks I dont know what that thing is called

But back on track, I think that vex should wait until the season ends to make the change, especially since right now, teams are buying new parts for their bots.

Which change? Enlarging the IQ field to 6x8? That happens next season.

Oh I wasn’t specific lol. My bad.
I meant the star head shaft collars. (Shaft collars right?)
It might be confusing for teams when they get star heads instead of hex heads while they’re starting to build their bots.