New Products: February 2020

Any chance the 35 length is in the pipeline too?

Piling on here. The clawbot can play every game, and I’ve seen a few teams build a “double claw” so they have 4 gripping surfaces on the claw vs two.

1/3 of the competition is driver skill. A fast clawbot with a driver at the helm can play a pretty decent game this year. As with every year and a clawbot, the lowly rubber band is your friend.


Vibe Check time

I’ve seen the V5 claw in particular used quite successfully by teams who focus on towers. Take 27301A, who used the v5 claw in conjunction with a dr4b and a speedy X drive to rapidly contest towers. The V5 claw, in my opinion, is a useful tool for teams on all levels of competitiveness.


Yeah the claw is actually a pretty decent starter manipulator for new teams. It allows them to focus on the drivetrain and lift when they know that they have a functional manipulator that they can just throw on.


My first year of vex we used a claw since we ran out of time to design our own.

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Yes, claws are pretty useful. You could even argue that a claw bot would be pretty successful at Highrise (I should know, I qualified for states off of one).

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