New Products - January 2022

A couple of new products have just been added to the VEX Website.

First up is a 100-Pack of Low Profile Nuts for VEX V5.

These give users a smaller option of nut, and are sized similarly to VEX Standoffs.

Additionally, we are now selling a 4-Pack of 300mm A-C USB Cables.

These cables can be used with VEX 123, GO, EXP, and IQ Gen 2

As per usual, these products are currently only available from the US Store, with international stock being available in the coming weeks.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: no mention of the new gear sizes?

Whoops. I just realized that I never made a post about those while I was on vacation.

New High Strength Gears can be found here!


I hear these new gears can survive up to 290 inch-pounds of force. Steel core must go hard.


They should start measuring in ft-lbs :eyes:


@DRow what material are these new nuts btw? I don’t see it listed anywhere

They are steel. Same material as all the other nuts in the V5 system.


Dang all of the electronics seem to have just gotten way more expensive.

new gears :flushed:


is the pitch of the 24t compatible with the 36t, 60t, 84t gears?

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When we use even multiples of 12 in IQ you can just use the holes that are slightly above or below the one that the first gear was on. Haven’t had any issues with it. I have a couple of groups that are using a 12 with a 48 on their choo-choo, so it holds up.


Yes. The diametral pitch is 24

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Do the low profile nuts have any locking ability, like nylon inserts?

Better yet, newton meters


The low profile nuts are just mini standoffs.


Yes, and with the 12. The radius scales with the number of teeth. Nice integer factors lining up with holes.

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Nope, made of steel. Sterner stuff.

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Another new product has just been added to the website.

The Turntable Bearing Kit v2 includes a 84T and a 60T Bearing, and now includes a Mounting Bracket.

The Turntable Kit V2 is now available on the US webstore, and will be available on our international stores in the coming weeks.


These things are cool. The turntables actually spin great. The bracket is really cool too.

Check these out:
Turntable 1

This is only a few ways that the bracket can be mounted while keeping everything on pitch.


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Steel bevel gears next? :slight_smile: Maybe the friction in available bearing setups becomes prohibitive at high torques, I don’t know.