New Products - May 2021

A new product has just been added to the VEX Website.

These flexible Rubber Bumpers can be used to create hard stops or as shock absorption for delicate parts. They can also be used as Rubber feet and used in conjunction with the V5 Workcell Kit.

More info can be found here.

International stock should be available in the coming weeks.


But what about this?


Is it an official VexAI thingy magingy?


Great stuff. That avoids crafting a linear constraint for the rubber link/spacers. What material is used, or can you give an approximate shore hardness? I’d like to drop some values into a simulation while I wait for stock in the UK if possible. Thanks! (BTW the link to the workcell kit returns 404 for me)

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Not exactly a new product, but a potential concern…

With the pneumatics penalty removed, we’ll see more being used. However, the specified/approved pressure regulator ( SMC Corporation A-474-0000005) is discontinued by the manufacturer, and no longer available even from the surplus suppliers like Radwell. A new regulator will need to be specified, unless VEX has a rather significant inventory of pneumatics kits stocked up.


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