New Products - October 2019

A couple of new products have just been added to the VEX Robotics website.

We are now offering replacement caps for the V5 Smart Motor, as well as a 10-pack of replacement #8-32 Threaded Inserts for the V5 Smart Motor.

These are both in-stock on the US site, and will be available internationally in the next few weeks as our other warehouses receive stock.

Both products can be found on this page:


thank you so much for this.


Thank you about inserts…

I think the design is flawed given the failures upon delivery. This is something asked for since the very beginning.

Now - are the inserts BETTER metal formulation than the soft metal inserts in the product that continually fail?


I assume not, guessing that they’re just identical replacements, but at least we can replace broken ones now.

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Now they need to offer the clawbot structure parts…


in aluminum too.


Fwiw, robosource sells hex inserts for the motors and they are much higher quality

EDIT: nope, I am a complete idiot and I thought we were talking about the casing screws


I’m glad these are being sold but 1$ per insert is a little bit too much… All someone needs to make alternative inserts is some standoffs and a decent metal lathe after all.


I am not too worried about cost per unit as much as shipping - if it costs $30 to ship $10 parts (EXTREME - I HOPE!!!) I would not be happy


Will these new products be subject to a price increase?

uhh question. why r yal releasing new products for October when October ends in 6 days

Well, why not? Nothing about these products is time-specific, and it doesn’t make much sense to wait to release a product when it’s ready, just because it’s the end of a month.


tru but why not put late October early november

I just placed an order yesterday :(((((

Does it make a difference?


not really. school kills me and I get to a point where I just ask stupid questions. and yes I’m at that part

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The edges on the new inserts look much better:

No paper-thin sharp edges like it was on some last year inserts:

@DRow, do you know if VEX is now using different supplier / process to make motor inserts or you just sell replacements from the same stock?


Thanks for this! We get to revive about 5 motors sitting in a bin with labels like “Bad?” and “Ish”.

Also, can the brain screen shields be purchased separately? One of my teams lost theirs and in the process of testing a lift, cube fell on the brain (corner down, naturally) and cracked the outer layer of the screen. LCD still works but no more touch… a $250 mistake.

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