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Q: Will IFI continue to innovate and grow the Vex platform?
A: Yes! IFI continues to add additional resources to support the rapid growth of Vex. As a follow up to the popular new Advanced Gear Kit and Large Omni Wheel, we’ll be introducing five new accessories and sensor items this summer alone. Other significant enhancements are in the works. We’re also working with Intelitek and Carnegie Mellon University on additional new curriculum and educational support materials. Vexplorer™, the new mass market robotics kit designed by IFI for Revell, debuts on the shelves and websites of major US retailers in August exposing the Vex platform to thousands of new, young customers.

This was in another thread, and I was wondering if any one has any more information about what the five new accessories and sensor items comming out this summer are?

Whatever they are I’m sure they will be excellent.

I. Am. Excited. :smiley:

But… where do people get all this information about upcoming products and such?

Read this thread and basically we listen to ever word from IFI for any hint that they might be working on something new.

i too am very interested in what these new products will be:D

Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

There are lots of new products in development. Some will be coming out this summer (including the 5 mentioned), and there are many others that are longer term.

The only hint I will give, is that a few of the new products will add some of the Vexplorer technology into the Vex product line.

I think you guys will enjoy some of these.


do u mean like it will make the vexplorer comopatible with the normal vexparts
or something else

Maybe something like the camera used in the FRC. That would be AWESOME!

Sweet ! I want that CLAW from the Vexplorer series.
Skip that clunky big camera. For about 80$ I already put my own camera w sound on board, a 2.4Ghz one from Rat Shack. It’s an inch cube and includes the transmitter. Range is over a hundred feet, depending on environment.
It works well and runs on 9V batteries, plug the receiver into any Composite video input to watch from your robot’s point of view.

well, using either EasyC Pro or MPLAB, you can program the CMUCam2 to work with vex. i have tried… but i couldnt get it to work.:frowning:

but someone did: pic: 1726 Demo Bot - CD-Media: Photos - Chief Delphi

Going back to the camera mounted on the robots, I’m not sure if anyone remembers, but If you read the articals on the VEXplorer, you will find that the camera is one of the accessories for it, maybe one of the new 5 from VEXLabs, maybe not. But I want to go back to that subject. How do you see that the camera would not be useful? It isn’t like your strapping your old 1994 film camera onto it. I am sure it will be smaller and could be one of the mst useful items to buy. How many times has it happened that you cannot see your robot behind the atlas ball when you are trying to get it on your side. That is not a simple task! It becomes frustrating when you have to get it on your side when you cannot see what you are doing. The camera would greatly reduce the stress level in these situations. Besides, at competitions, they could probably hook up to everyones robots and show the round through the robots battling it out on the field if you see what I am getting at.

If they do come out with a camera for me it needs to have a good range and be at an afordable price, under 100 at the most. Like ramjet said you could go to radio shack or frys and get a camera with good range and probly about $60 to $80.

From what I understand the VEXplorer kit is more of a “toy” than the regular VEX stuff. It seems it’s like a better RC car that you can modify a little bit. The camera is just something for fun.

thats wat i dont like about i was thinking of something modified from the original one but instead they turn it into a kids toy:mad: which doesnt keep me interested i’d rather just use the the version i have now

They aren’t discontinueing the current VEX line, they are simply expanding the line by adding a version for those who don’t want to have as many options.

No, this version is for beginner robot builders who would like a specific robot to build. The electronics have been simplified, to allow for a lower (consumer oriented) price-point. The kit itself still contains all the mechanical options of the Vex family. All Vex mechanical components are compatible with the new kit.

I imagine there will be many robot builders who get their start with a Vexplorer, and then move into the more education and competition oriented Vex kit.


ok so it helps get kids into vex and then when they want something more challenging they switch to the one us users use now:D
never mind i like it

Very Interested, Just hope they are cool products within a reasonable price range=D

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When does “summer” end? Are they going by actual season(like Spring, Fall, Winter), or something else?