New Products

What do you all think of the new products I logged on sorta of late so all I saw were the new kits was there anything else?
If not I still really like the new kits the Super Kit being my favorite
I’m glad they got rid of the servo module it will be really helpful to have another contious motor

The kits and new clawbot were mostly it. There is a new VEX speaker though.

Nothing game changing.

But the new kits are cool.

  • Andrew

VEX Speaker I thought Karthik said Speakers were illegal is it going to be legal for the new game?

No idea. Probably not.

Where can we find a description of these kits?

Did VEX release new products?

We’ll get information on the changes to our bundles that were announced today up soon.

The VEX Speaker page is here:

How do you mount the speaker? Hopefully not more rubberband and ziptie contraptions.

Seriously… the new game is just made to promote the clawbot. I realized that the instant they said “sack”

Maybe it’s an opportunity for you to go beyond the basic claw? If everybody else has a claw, you could be the one with the innovation that wins worlds.

I think the speaker will be legal if you read the rules they mention the audio must be tasteful and non-distracting.
As to the Claw modifications are probably in order I’ve had an extended claw for years to allow for grasping larger objects than the standard claw. But I really expect to see some sweeper / harvester style bots next year.

Cheers Kb