New Program Communication

For all of us out here who aren’t masters of C, a way to have the VEX communicate via serial in a simple manner to feed each other motor speeds, ranges, etc. Or even just a simple analogue output that can be set to the range a sensor or motor is using.

I have used the Parallax STAMP BS2 to control Vex motors and servos using the pulsout and pause commands. The STAMP is programmed using PBASIC (which is easier to learn than C) and is just the thing for controlling your android’s servos and motors. It would be nice if the Vex Controller could also be used in this manner. Just use the serin and serout instructions for interprocessor communication with Laptop, PC and even the Vex controller.

I also use the Parallax Servo Controller for my Vex applications, it can control up to 16 Vex servos or Vex motors (32 if two boards are networked) using only one I/O pin from a Parallax STAMP BS2 MCU.

See all the free Parallax STAMP applications that you can download and run as is or convert to Vex PIC18 C for the Vex Controller in order to get your autonomous robot or SUMO robot working quickly. This is what I used for some of my fully autonomous robots. For more information on Parallax STAMPS go to