New programmer who has no idea what vexrobots, etc are

I am new to programming, my school I went to did a very bad job of covering anything remotely relating to programming. I need help in learning how to and/or finding someone who can build a program that will work like the programs I am used to so that I don’t have to worry about system crashes and can put it on any and all future computers. Can anyone give me any suggestions? Thank you

These are some VEX robots:


The discussion on this forum centers around building and programming these robots, and using them in RECF competitions. If you’re looking for general programming/software help, and have no involvement in VEX robotics, this forum probably isn’t the right place for that.


Any suggestions of where I can go to get the help I need?

Your previous posts mention QuickBooks and CS6, there are probably some Intuit/Adobe-specific forums or other web resources thatch be helpful to you there. I don’t have any particular suggestions, but Google is your friend here.


Try This is a forum dedicated to software development and programming.

Thank you very much for your help and I apologize for not knowing what this site was for.