New programmer with software issues

Just beginning programming and computer crashed. I have a couple of software that I use regularly, but one is not compatible with Windows 10, can I make it so?
The other is now telling me upon attempting to install it is not a legitimate version. I paid for it, registered it, and have used it for 4 years, any suggestions on how to salvage it? I use it daily.
Thank you

What softwares are you referring to? Is it PROS or something from VEX?

Neither, I am brand new at attempting programming. The programs are Quick Books Customer Manager2.0 and Adobe CS6

I would love to reach the point I can create a program that does more than Customer Manager, but I am likely way away from that point, so I for the time being am reliant on what is out there, but since my computer crashed I am having issues with being able to use the tools I am so used to with no idea how to resolve the issue

You made another topic discussing the same issue that the system has hidden because it does not relate to either robotics or VEX products.

In that topic you mention Adobe Photoshop CS6. CS6 was released in 2012, Adobe has moved to a new subscription based model and old software such as this will tend to stop working over time as operating systems are upgraded. My best advise is to move to their new model.

Iā€™m locking this topic as it does not relate to programming a VEX robot.