New PSC at Worlds

Hello VEX peoples.
Are you planning to do the programming skills challenge at worlds? I’m wondering how much competition there will be since the new game was only announced sort of recently.

hmm nice poll
i bet there will be a “chunk” of teams that “just did it in 20 mins” thats scores fairly low
but the teams that will actually do it (elitists), will do it well

I believe 1492 will be competing, not sure which team will take up the challenge though. Could be A or X or both. We’re excited about the new layout though! Repositioning skills was getting too tiring…

So with how many points do you think a team will win with?

i think ~25-30
just because the physical act of match loading will take more time (and precision) now

My team is going to be working on our programming skills run later this week and then we have the 2 weeks before worlds off from school so we will get our run complete. Our plan for it scores 31 points thus far.

What’s this about a new PSC game? I’ve heard nothing.

Oh. We may need to add a sensor now. We needed the Iso tile to position our sensorless robot to pick up the doubler. The hand sensors aren’t an option anymore, I guess.

Just tell the judge to look the other way and quickly re-position your robot when he/she is not looking.

  1. They are referees, not judges.
  2. I’m managing the skills fields at World Championship and I will be waiting for you. :slight_smile:
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“Look! A distraction!”

“Uh, I don’t see any-”

“The sun! It’s on fire!”

“Look! Robots!”

“We’re being invaded!”


Agggh… My Spleen… ( Winkey )

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Us: “Hey, look! A robot!”

Rick Tyler (the ref): “Yes, I can see it. I can also see you repositioning it illegally.”

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Rick: I can see you repos-Ow! Did you just shoot a sharpened axle at my VEX™ brand Safety Glasses-protected eyes?


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“hey look that robot is on fire” I would believe it since we had a motor controller catch on fire today and another started smoking.

Getting back to a serious topic, we are a middle school team and our plan (using line trackers and integrated encoders) is to score only on one half of the field because of our design. The autonomous will score:

2 in blue interaction corner
2 in blue interaction 11.5"
2 in blue isolation 11.5"
4 in blue isolation 20"
Doubler in blue isolation 20"

For a total of 18 points.

i guess my team has to do it, considering we are going into the world championship #1 in the world…lol :slight_smile:

Has your robot changed much since the Golden State competition?