New Purple dispenser activation method

If I was able to eject the discs from the purple dispenser without actually spinning the purple dispenser’s wheel, is it legal?

My idea is a small wheel spinning under the discs so that the discs come out pretty fast.

It is pretty much legal, from a recent event I saw a team who did this and if they were allowed through the entire competition then it would be pretty much legal.

If only there were an already-answered Q&A for that….

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When I went to competition, I saw a team spin the purple dispenser by spinning the gears that were sticking out. That is also an option.

Deferring to the experts. A common answer is if it is not specifically stated in the manual as illegal; then it is legal. I’ve seen a couple teams spin the yellow gear fast - dumping the purple in about 4-5 seconds. As long as it does not damage the dispenser and is not stated in the game manual as illegal; then is legal (experts chime in if I am wrong). A lot faster than spinning the purple wheel.