New referee needs clarification

So I am refereeing for the first time this saturday and am unsure about how disqualifications and illegal moves work. So if a driver does an illegal move does that disqualify them or just that they lose the match?

A single illegal move should warrant a warning, not a DQ. Save that for repeated or very serious violations.

There is a series of referee videos on youtube that can answer this and many other questions. To answer your question, if a team ends up being DQed but their alliance wins the match, win points are awarded to both teams on the losing alliance. The team on the winning alliance gets win points and credit for the win. The DQed team does not get win points or credit for a win. However, as a ref, you don’t need to be concerned about that. The software automatically takes care of that when the scores and DQ are entered.

This video does a good job of talking about how the VEX IQ referee role works
(at 29 seconds on the first Ref video):

“However unlike traditional sporting events, VEX IQ Challenge Referees actually help the participants avoid breaking the rules. This one of of the key elements of being a VEX IQ Challenge Ref, we want referees that will warn teams of infractions ahead of time to educate them as they play and to help them have as much fun with their competition experience as possible”