New Release of Official V5 Parts Library for Onshape

New versions of the Official V5 Parts Library for Onshape have been released.

What’s new

  • 5.5W Motors
  • Anti-static traction wheels of all sizes
  • The Over Under game field and game pieces
  • More configurable insert options for wheels
  • More configuration options for bearings
  • Rubber bumper

What’s not included

  • Vex IQ parts, this is just V5
  • Updates to the VEX V5 Parts Library Application - Just the parts libs themselves
  • The new pneumatics parts - the STEP files for those parts are not yet available

Watch this video to learn how to set up the parts library in your Onshape account:

Feel free to post suggestions to enhance the library. This thread is just for the V5 parts library, not IQ.

Please contact me through Onshape if you would like to assist with the development of the parts library. My account name is “Coach Palardy” or [email protected].


Coach Palardy I believe refers to the library from Onshape. He is correct that Onshape pulled from VEX, but the intern (Felix) that did it left, so it is neither guaranteed to be complete, current or include anything possible with <R7> opportunities.
The solution would be a pub/sub solution for the CAD vendors, from VEX/REC, but it doesn’t seem anyone wants to talk about it.
If you want SHAPE files for CAD from , I’d suggest McMaster-Carr, which has high quality files for almost all screws/bolts/washers/nuts/spacers you could want (on detailed window for each part).

For basic parts, the Official Onshape VEX Parts Library is as complete as it needs to be. All included parts are current. If there are VEX parts that are not included, are legal for V5, are not in the library, and that you actually plan on using, let me know. I will either add them or let you know why it is not possible.

Felix is the person that worked on the Application. The application is something separate. It uses the official library, but it is not the library.

Nuts and bolts of every size are standard content for Onshape.