new robot design!

So, as you might know, recently, my parents decided to fund my vex adventures, and I have started to design! Here is my first design! I call it mind blow. my vex robot design - Album on Imgur in the first image, you see the general overview of my robot’s design, including a feature I haven’t ever seen or heard of being used before, the linear slide pusher, it is able to push stars under the fence, into the far zone. in the second picture, you see an image that my robot is going to be sporting. I think it quite well fits my robots name. The next few images detail on the gearbox design of my robot. However, a few things must be said about this. Firstly, I forgot to include a switch that routes the power to the linear slider (oops) however that will be fixed in the next iteration of this gearbox. Second, before you reply saying things like “that’s far to complex” or “that will take MONTHS to make work” please understand that ever since I was five, I have been experimenting and playing with hundreds of dollars worth of lego technic, meaning that I know how to design and make any mechanism I can dream of. with that said, this gearbox can route the power of 10 motors to the wheels, throwing arm, pusher (again not yet implemented), and claw, or spread the power between any combination of them (exept the claw, it can have a max of 2 motors powering it). With that said, and my designs out there, tell me, what do you think? What should I improve? Your opinions mean a lot to me and I would love to hear them.

TL;DR click this link (my vex robot design - Album on Imgur ) and tell me what you think of my design

Hmm… not bad in theory, but would be terribly inefficient. With so many gears in the system, you’d lose quite a few motors worth of power. So, yes, it is too complex :stuck_out_tongue:
And welcome to the forums, friend. Most of the advanced members can build stuff like that just as easily. :smiley: That being said, if you need help with the logic of the gearbox I’m willing to help you out. I took a look at your drawings, but I can’t really make anything out because it’s a bit sloppy. (Not bashing at all. In fact… I’m usually a lot worse!) Anyway, looks good in theory except for a few things:

  1. A linear slider isn’t a good idea. (but has been seen on here before) With the torques/speeds of vex motors, there’s no way you’ll reliably and efficiently get loads of game objects in the far zone. I recommend something like the linear punchers from NBN.
  2. That bot’s going to have center of mass issues; all of the mass is in the back. Either distribute it better, or gear all your drive wheels together. (If you do that, don’t use 6 wheels. There’s a good bit of math behind it that many people on the forums miss… long story short, if given the choice between 6 wheels and 4 wheels on chain, usually pick the 4)
  3. There’s objectively no reason to have that claw in that position. It would be much better to have it intake on the horizontal axis. Or, just have no claw. Just a plow with guides should work.
  4. You misspelled awesome, linear, and cortex :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. That thing would have problems fitting in specs with the current format. You’d need some way for the arm to flip out. Yes, it could be done, but it would be smarter to just do a slipgear.

why would it be so iniffecient? also, can you draw an image in ms paint or somthing so i can better visualize what you mean by “having the claw in the horizontal axis” also, what’s a linear puncher? btw, can you make out this ?

More gears = more friction. This is why it would be more inefficient.
By the horizontal axis… I mean a bit like the claw designs already here on the forums.
Yes, I can make that out much better. But… I’m tired :stuck_out_tongue: How many differentials are there? I’d like to direct you to this thread.

Yah, I realized that, which is why that is a old design. Thanks for pointing out though