New Robot for Worlds?

VRC teams that made it to 2021-2022 VEX Worlds are you rebuilding your robot, modifying it, or just taking the one you have? I’ll make a poll but feel free to explain why and/or what changes.

Haven’t seen a poll like this for tipping point but I’ve seen people asking about it.

  • Rebuilding
  • Modifying
  • Leaving it as is

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Old robot won skills, but was 30 lbs and caused us to go 1-5 in matches through different problems happening each match.


By rebuild, do you mean try a completely different design? I would advise against doing that. I would say to only modify if necessary. If you have time and parts, and are itching to do something, make a duplicate of the qualifying robot. Doing this will guarantee that every single component on the new robot has been checked over and tightened recently. This would also give you the opportunity to take your time with any last-minute fix components on your qualifying bot. Take both, the old one being a back-up.


Yes by rebuild I mean a completely different design or taking it apart and rebuilding it.

We’ve got a robot that has been cadded since January. We never got to build it since pneumatics took too long to ship. So now we’re finally building it to make full use of pneumatics and finally have a 6 motor drive


Our robot design is currently really bad. It’s mostly the same design since the beginning of the season and most of the c channels are bent. We will almost definitely be rebuilding and may or may not change our startegy to be more ring focused.

This is kind of what my team is going through as well.
Originally we had a 6m drive bot with four bar and forks, and sid pretty well during matches.
We really debated that since we didn’t have the design we shouldn’t build before states. So we didn’t.
But in that time I’ve been working with my peers on a somewhat better design which we definitely had the time to rebuild.

I feel that if a team has a design cadded and they put in the time, the robot can be finished quite quickly

My team finished building the robot in 4 days, a record for us!


We are basically redoing all of our mechanisms, but keeping the same functions for everything.

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My team is being slightly restricted on what we’re allowed to do, just so that we don’t work too much and ignore APs, so we’re taking this week while we’re not meeting to design our rebuild, then go to build with an exact model to build off of. We’ve rebuilt from scratch before in about a week, so another week shouldn’t be too difficult.


I think that it is best to only make modifications so that you have more time to work on the program and practice driving for skills.


Our robot has had a lot of problems with weight, so the only way that we could fix it was by rebuilding basically everything except for the drivetrain.

Previous robot 4m drive, slow for goal rush + climbing problems. Rebuilding 6m drive chassis new meta


The 4” diameter wheel six 600rpm motor 3:5 gear ratio drive just barely didn’t survive a full match without overheating. Time to rebuild with a 600rpm direct six motor drive on the 2” wheels.

Those options are nearly identical and very much on the outer range of overheating in match. Consider toning down a step more for reliability. For example going 5:3 on 200 carts with your same 4" wheels is easier and a step in the direction of normal.

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To clarify, when I say “nearly identical” you need to understand that both are extreme and the revision you outlined is actually faster and lower torque… so would make the problem worse.

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rebuild as in rebuilding the robot yes, cuz we have more pneumatics and want to do different things

It’s moderately more torque due to the smaller wheel size. It’s enough of an improvement in torque that it should be fine if properly friction tuned.

not exactly how it works. 600 3/5 on 4" wheels has a tangential speed of 75" per second, 600 on 2.75" wheels has a tangential speed of 86" per second.

so 600 on 2.75" is faster, and thus has less torque. Really wouldn’t recommend pushing it quite that far, though some teams have been able to make this speed work, I think you’d find more success with some of these ratios: 257 or 280 on 4", 333, 360 or 400 on 3.25", 400 or 450 on 2.75"


rebuilding cause bot is too wide, can’t park, backlift is bad, intake could be faster, claw gears are wrecked, and we want to paint metal

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I actually misspoke on the first bot. It was a 5:7 ratio. The robot that we used before that was a 3:5 ratio which is what messed me up.