New Robot Mesh Blockly/Python release for VEX IQ Programming [Online for FREE]

We have just released our November 2015 update to the Robot Mesh Python/Blockly programming environment. FREE Online programming is live now. Standalone update is ready for download (use your existing license key).

New Features

  • Python runtime now handles integer and floating point types more efficiently. This results in overall speed performance and memory performance (i.e. less garbage collections).
  • [BETA] **Python & Blockly Debugger**. VEX IQ can now debug code while connected to the device (via the USB cable): create breakpoints (on a code line or Blockly block), see variable information and then step through your code.
  • Any exceptions are now displayed on the VEX IQ's LCD display so you can see fatal errors while running your program untethered to the computer.
  • Added** sound commands** to play sounds on the VEX IQ. See the API documentation
  • New **Timer **Python class and Blockly blocks for both VEX IQ and VEX EDR.
  • Set a deadband threshold for the joystick axes (Python API, Blockly block or in the Joystick Wizard).
  • Added APIs to detect whether a motor has stalled (not moved in a period of time), including new Blockly blocks.
  • New **Drivetrain **class for VEXIQ for easily creating a tank drive robot with easy methods. API documentation. In the right-hand pane, define your left/right motors first, then create a Drivetrain instance. Blockly blocks also available.
  • Improvements to downloading a program to VEX IQ.
We hope you enjoy this latest update.