New Robot Sizing Tools

I’ve just never seen any VEX tournament use the sizing box before.

Apparently they use them in western Canada.

Nebraska, Iowa, and U.S. Nationals use the sizing box.

The rules say that robots have to be a certain size, but there is no rule requiring inspectors to use a particular measurement tool.

We go to a competition in IL (Wildstang Regional) and they use a measuring box. The boxes are so much more accurate than the sizing tools just because there can be human mistakes with the regular sizing tool

Well, I guess some tournaments do use boxes then. I haven’t seen this at any tournaments I’ve been to in the northeast.

Tilting the sizing tool even slightly can cause discrepancies, and I’ve seen inspectors use this to overlook small extensions past 18".

Yes, there is.

This rule requires that the tournament use one of those two tools. So rulers and tape measures would not be valid inspection tools.
They were all lies!! :confused:

Since this thread was discussing sizing boxes and the VEX measuring tool, I didn’t think it was necessary to enumerate all of the non-legal ways to measure the robots, although my wording could have been clearer.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen a plywood sizing box that was exactly 18x18x18 and perfectly flat, plumb, and square. I’ve helped with inspections at dozens of tournaments, including five World Championships, was the head of inspections at the World Champs in 2011, and was the assistant head of inspections at the 2012 World Champs. I’ve inspected a few robots, and I personally prefer the VEX sizing tool to a wooden sizing box, if for no other reason than I don’t like to have to tell teams that they have to pull their hopelessly jammed robot out of a box when it was just a little too big.

The best way to insure that your robot meets the size limit is to build it a half-inch undersize in every dimension. Those robots easily pass using any standard measurement.

We use a plexiglass box that is the right size. Nice thing is you can see the robot inside the box. It helps position the robot where teams are doing things on a diagonal to fit in the space.

How will college teams get inspected at the 2012-2013 World Championships? I know it’s a while until then, but I’m just curious. Is the next best thing measuring tape?

Perhaps a box that could unfold into a net would solve this problem. You could simply unfold the box from around the robot and tell the team to make the bot smaller.