new robot type

I have been hearing about a new type of robot that has been picking up some speed which is basically a dump-bot but it still faces forward and uses a pneumatic system to push a plate forward which shoots the stars and cubes over the fence. would this be an effective way of playing? is this a newer type of robot?

I don’t think that would be particularity effect due to the amount of air you would use. It would also probably be slower than a claw dumper as well.

Look at 254A in Clean Sweep:

I think the answer to your question is, yes, it can be effective.

I wasn’t around for Clean Sweep but the game pieces definitely seemed a lot lighter and smaller than in Starstruck. I’m not going to count the design out until I’ve tried it myself (which I sadly probably won’t due to time constraints), however it doesn’t seem like it would be as effective now as it was in Clean Sweep. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

Always bear in mind that during clean sweep time, teams were restricted to 10 x 269 motors. And i can’t remember if pneumatics was even released.

So it is an achievement for robots to reach that level of performance back then.

To extrapolate the potential of the design, we will need to consider things like able to put in better and more motors, etc…

Oh yeah I completely forgot about the motor restriction, that just makes me want to see a design like this for Starstruck even more!

In Clean Sweep, teams were still using the 3-wire motors, as the 269s and 393s had not yet been introduced. The small balls were pretty light, but those Nerf footballs were not. They were a more convenient shape than the stars, but they were still heavy. Teams did have pneumatics, but they were less common than we see now.

Teams were also still using the PIC controllers with the crystal-controlled joysticks. You kids today just don’t know how good you have it.

Maybe something like this robot?

Not sure how many of you still remember or notice - There were teams that were already using this method since SingVex…

And yes… it is very effective :slight_smile: