New ROBOTC for VEX IQ Graphical Programming Language

Check out ROBOTC’s new Graphical Interface!
We are very excited to announce our new ROBOTC for VEX IQ programming language. We’ve tested the software with elementary students and teachers and the programming environment appeared to be very student friendly. As with any new software students, teachers, parents, and mentors need to learn the basics of the software (how to connect to the robot, how to upload the code, how to access the code once it gets to the robot), but the actual programming is very easy.

Why develop a graphical drop and drag environment for ROBOTC?
As we push programming to younger and younger students, we need to increase the support for new programmers. This version of ROBOTC scaffolds learning programming by removing syntax and by creating new, easy to use functions for both autonomous and remote control programs. Students are able to quickly build behaviors like forward, backward, arcade or tankControl without worrying about semicolons, braces, and brackets. We believe that this level of support will enable them to worry about logic and basic algorithm development without worrying about programming structures.

How much user control does the new ROBOTC Graphical software include?
Our goal is to develop an easy to use control environment that provides the proper level of scaffolding for new programmers. ROBOTC’s programming environments currently start with ROBOTC Graphical, then ROBOTC Natural Language, and then full ROBOTC. With the new Graphical Language students are able to learn about various programming structures and logic (while, if, if/else, waitUntil, and we added repeat, and repeatUntil) and they can access sensor feedback using the new “getSensorValue” commands (i.e. getGyroSensorDegrees, getMotorEncoderValue, etc.) but they will not be able to create and write to their own variables, pass parameters, or create functions.

You can download the software here:

You can download a user guide here:…QUserGuide.pdf

And checkout the blog here:…hical-preview/

In just a couple of weeks the new Graphical Language will also work on VEX Cortex robots. :smiley:

Please give us feedback about our new software.