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We are just getting started with VEX at the high school and will be moving into an empty room. We have ordered the kits, but now need to order tables. This might be a silly question, but what color table top is best for students when working with lots of parts and pieces? Our choices are black, greys, and white. Also, what depth (24, 30, 36, 48) would be ideal for teams of two?

Thanks for any help with this!

I like white surfaces, it makes the parts easier to find.

You can also stick black electrical tape on the top to create line follow courses.

How will you set up your VEX fields? I’d buy tables that make it easy to push two or three together to support the 6x8 fields.

Congrats on the new space.


It is categorized for v5, though, and he says it’s

Maybe black tables, since most screws and hardware is lighter?


Thanks for the reply. We are using VEX V5 kits in class next year. Are the 6x8 fields for the V5 or the IQ systems?

We have black carpets at my school and when a small piece hits the ground it completely disappears. I’d say choose white.


Sorry it was early for me and while “Reading is FUNdamental” somedays it takes coffee …

Still sticking with the white tables. Ignore the field comment, that’s just for IQ.

36" wide tables gives you room for two people to work across from each other and have space for the 18x18 robot.

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Welcome to VRC! The VRC field is 12 ft by 12 ft, not just 6x8 ft. Search The forum for “field risers” and you’ll find some ideas and building plans if you want to have elevated fields.


On the topic of tables, in our workspace, which alternates between iq, vrc, and vex-u (in a normal year–we’ve been shut out for a full year now for covid), we use 2 ft by 5 ft white plastic folding tables. At the end of every work session, the teams have to fold up their tables and put them away. In a previous work area years ago, teams had a tendency to leave their stuff out, leading to a mess. Having to fold the tables up to put them away helps enforce the rule because there’s no way around it.


I have seen many different classrooms, but I find wooden tabletops to be incredibly nice. Something about the style makes me feel very comfortable.

+1. Many Engineering classrooms I’ve seen use concrete floors. I’ve seen some incredibly nice classrooms that can make a concerete floor look like a million bucks.

So another thing to take into consideration is table height. Ideally tables that support working on the robot easily while standing are a must. Plus high stools instead of normal chairs allow most people to comfortable stand or sit and work. Another cool storage solution is having shelving attached underneath the tables. This allows for teams to keep tool clutter off of the work space and also organized.


Good point. I was going to go with the standard table height of 29-30 inches. I do like the idea of students being able to stand or sit in stools while they work.

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