New Robotics Teacher Struggling With EDR

I am not able to get the cortex and controller to do anything. I have paired them with the usb cable and all lights are good but nothing moves. I am very confused with how this system works. Can anyone help me out? Too early in the year to have nothing working.

You need the Vexnet key also paired with the cortex and controller. plug it in a port then turn the brain on.

What about using it connected with the USB cable?

This should help (Section 2.6 Step 5)

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I am working through all of that now. Right now we are building the protobot and not programming. Shouldn’t we be able to pair the controller and cortex and drive the robot?

Have you programmed the robot?

If not, it won’t be able to drive…


yes if the two are connected via orange cord and you haven’t overwriten the existing code in some way. Also make sure the motors are plugged into the correct ports on the brain.

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No programming. I was under the impression that we could tether, or pair with VexNet, and drive it…obviously I am missing someything here. I did put a single joystick program on the coretx and nothing happened.

you will need to go on robot C and configure for vex cortex. Then open folder and look for the templates and prewritten code. In there should be code for the joystick and the programbot

You have to get the Vex net key, cortex, and controller all paired. Then connect the motors to the brain so they get recognized, you will have to have a program set up and running if you want the robot to drive and work correctly.

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Ok…I am getting there…I have 393 plugged in to port 2 and 10 and the right joystick controls both motors. It looks like they should be controlled sperately.

I am getting on board now…I did not realize that I was downloading the wrong sample program. So I guess what I need to do is have every student downlaod the Dual Joystick RobotC program to their cortex, power cycle, pair and drive!


Yes, you can also have them download the single joystick program if they want to drive that way. Also once they see that code and how the driving is configured you could have them program to other buttons too. Also make sure you mark which keys are paired to each other. It is a pain when they get mixed up.