New rubber band size allowed?

The Spin Up manual (R7h) states “Rubber bands that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX V5 product line (#32, #64 and 117B)” are legal. The 117B size is a new addition to the manual this season, but I can’t find it anywhere on the VEX website as a size you can buy or one that is included in any V5 kit. Since it is not actually part of the V5 product line, is the 117B actually legal this season in VRC?

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my best guess is that size 117b bands are available somehow in a vex product. Maybe the clawbot claw uses them? In any case, the manual specifically mentioning 117b bands would suggest they are very much legal for competition use.


The 117b size showed up with the new gen 2 IQ kits. You can get them from uline, staples, etc.

Remember the game manual is the ultimate authority on legality, so if the game manual specifically says they are legal, then they are.


I did look at the content lists of all the V5 kits and didn’t see that size listed anywhere. It wouldn’t be the first time the manual was wrong, and, since it’s not a size you can buy from VEX, I figure it can’t hurt to ask in the official tech support for confirmation.

Until the GDC answers a q and a directly contradictory to the game manual.

Not that they would eeeeevvvvvveeeerrrrr do that.



found in select sets. i.e. VEX Robotics Crossfire Airplane Launcher By HEXBUG | HEXBUG


Yes, but neither listing make the 117B legal for VRC. The only rubber bands offered by VEX for VRC are: Rubber Bands - VEX Robotics

Rule R7-h in the game manual makes the 117b rubber band legal for VRC, regardless of whether or not it is listed on the Vex robotics website. (GDC could decide, of course, to update the game manual make any part illegal anytime during the season.)

Regarding the conflict between the game manual and the Vex robotics website, here is the rule from the game manual quoted:

“If there are any conflicts between the Game Manual and other supplemental materials (e.g., Referee Certification courses, the VRC Hub app, etc.), the most current version of the Game Manual takes precedence.”


The exact wording of R7h is:

Rubber bands that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX V5 product line (#32, #64 and 117B).

(emphasis mine)

So if 117b bands are not “included in the V5 product line” as shown on the website, then the game manual is kind of conflicting with itself.


Exactly and why I was hoping someone from VEX could take a second to chime in.


It says in the manual that they are legal so they are legal. Make sure not to confuse them with 117A bands though.

I actually recently got some 117b soft stretch bands and they are perfect to experiment with certain intake things

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