New rubrics

It hasn’t been posted yet so here’s the new rubrics if anyone was looking. They’re very detailed so that’s really nice☺️


It seems they went a bit overboard with the Microsoft Word-Art tool for the award descriptions towards the end of the document :slight_smile:


So this is awesome and sad.

It’s sad, I remember the days of “Build a robot using VEX parts, here is how to win awards”

It’s awesome with the amount of detail. I agree with Wes8, whats up with the dancing sausages?


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen those WordArt logos through the sheets of paper at some events when they are announcing the awards over the past three seasons.

Has anyone gone to an event where there outright wasn’t an Excellence Award given out? I’ve never seen that in my years of competing, and I don’t know if that clause is new or just reworded.


Yep. I attended an MS-only tournament at St. George Independent School. No Excellence Award was given, because no teams met the criteria. :man_shrugging: It happens.


I think the change of not having Excellence and Design early season is not a bad thing. It raises the bar for teams of what it means to have good design process.

That said, how do Signature events really early season rationalize giving an Excellence to Worlds when the season has really not yet started - the final Game Manual and Judges Guide have not been released until this week.


Those look the same as they did in previous years. RECF probably just reused them because there was no reason to change them.

I’m not sure if any events actually bother printing those though, because they seem more like a waste of paper and ink than actually useful.


I remember they had them on the wall at the event where I was a judge last season.

(On a side note, I remember having a lot of fun with WordArt when I was a kid. That’s also made me recognize quite a few of the gradient patterns on the award signs when I’ve read the Judge Guide.)


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