New Rules and upgraded VEXLabs parts

These are new rules that the public thinks should be introduced for next season’s game. This thread is also for upgraded VEXLabs parts that people think should be introduced as well.

I will start off. I think that a new rule should be that no large power equiptment should be allowed in the pits such as bandsaws and power drills. I can’t really think of too many rules at the moment, I will add more later. As for the upgraded items, I think that VEXLabs should create different styles of the safetey glasses (because the ones now look horrible on people), motors with extra torque, motors with extra power, servos that tilt at a longer angle, and double thickness gears as BillW said.

I don’t know about double thickness gears, you could just double up the gears. If anything, I’d prefer an option of having metal gears, at a more costly price. I’ve broken 37 gears this season (I’ve counted) before I learned to double the gears. I’m sure a metal gear would have saved me some of that trouble.

I totally agree with the more powerful motors, and I would like to add a more powerful servo. Also, various sizes of pistons for the pneumatics would be nice.

No FVC Pneumatics.

true dat, that would double the cost of FVC

due largely to the reason that I already have them (yeah I am biased) I desparately want the pneumatics in FVC. However I imagine that they wouldn’t be that big of a help due to the limited air tank size. You run out of air really quickly unless it’s hooked up to a compressor.

Not wanting to be a downer but safety glasses are not designed to be stylish. Some look betters than others yes. But let me ask you, is your eye worth not looking like a dork? I don’t know about the rest of you. Mine is. I got a picture somewhere around here … I think i will post it … I was cutting my steel parts had my safety glasses on but i should have been wearing a face shield due to the high velocity of a dremel tool. And i don’t know if you have ever had a grit of sand in your eye at the beach but imigine something 20 maybe 30 times more painful. The material was to deep to be removed by a magnet so it had to be drilled out which is the one of the most uncomfortable situations i have been in. So before suggesting that PPE needs to be Stylish please Think about how much your body parts mean to you. IMHO as long as they protect me to the ability they are required to I don’t care if i look like something from another planet.

Guys, I think it is great idea to discuss the rules–as the topic of this thread suggests. There is, however, already a place on Chief Delphi where this type of information is actively solicited:

In any case, this whole forum section is about ideas for Vex parts, which is where this thread is headed. It would be better, IMHO, to keep discussion of of part improvements here and rule changes there.

It might also be a better idea to create seperate threads for each of the topics. Gears, motors, servos, pneumatics. As it stands, this cross-posting will only confuse people. And, I know, I am as guilty as anyone for combining so many ideasa into one thread to start with.

So going forward, why don’t we create a seperate topic for each of the ideas that are worth more than just a casual comment. I will begin by posting a gear response in a new thread.

Use different safety glasses if you don’t like those then. Is there a rule against that? I have some very stylish and very protective eyewear that I got at my local hardware store, the one in which I work at. Best $10 I’ve spent in a long time.

i agree with more tilt servo motors as for better power and torque they could supply stronger gears for more power instead of compleatly revamping the servo motors. about the safety goggles, i like tinted pairs, they look awesome:D :smiley: :smiley: