New School, New Team Tips

Hello, I recently switched to a new High School that didn’t have a vex robotics team until the start of this year (My old school went to worlds last year). I have become captain for this new school as I am very knowledgable in vex already while the rest of the team aren’t nearly as familiar. I was hoping everyone, regardless of position on their team, could post their most helpful tips below.

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If it is a new team you will need sponsors to be successful as you probably already know. Work on a packet that you can take to local businesses


Understand the concept that practice is important. Search up tower takeover reveals and go with someone’s design they made, but do not copy their robot. Try to construct their design, but not entirely. Figure out how to improve your build quality by knowing what you remember from a reveal, but do not holecount or you will never learn. Look up build quality tips on vexforum and youtube, and you can drastically improve your build quality by joining alliances of teams from multiple regions. You can see most alliances by searching them up on instagram or vexforum. In addition, reach out to competitive teams within your region and ask for their help, and practice with them continuously to learn from them.

For yours and every team, regardless of competitiveness, from my experience:
Regardless though, as a team you must be open minded and comprehend every input given to you, although you may be prone to reject everyone’s because you’d want to “Learn to stand up by failure.” There’s a moment where you’d need to do that, but avoiding build quality tips just because “It’s good how it is” will become a burden to your team if you follow those standards.


As someone who is part of a school team, get a sense of how fast your school processes things. Plan accordingly if things will have a long ship date, it’s annoying to sit around and have nothing to work with.

On the same subject, if you are waiting for parts, CAD is your friend. Planning ahead during your wait time makes it easier down the road.


You definitely want to get a feel for how committed your teammates are, and how often they are willing to meet. My team meets 2-5 times a week depending on the time of season, but it may vary. You need to make a decision with your teammates how competitive you want to be, because to do really well you need to put in a lot of time and effort, probably around 5-15 hours a week depending on the team size and how soon the next comp is. I hope you can adjust to your new school well!


@Connor said it all.

Have fun with your teammates. Yes, you’re here to compete and do well, but if you hate each other at the end of the season it’s just not worth it.

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Vex life, school life, and outside life should be separate things. Don’t let issues from VEX life interfere with friendships outside of the robotics room.


well to start running a club or even just a single costs a lot of money $$$ so i’d start of finding sponsors.
a single robot is going to run on average like 1000$ then registration per competition you attend is 100$ to every competition you go to. paying all of that out of pocket is not going to be to great.

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To sum up all that has been said
1.get sponsors
2.look upon others designs and tips for improvement of your robot
3.plan ahead on parts orders
4.use cad often
6.goof off some
(The last one’s my personal favorite)