New Scoring and Skills programs

I’d like to announce a new set of Toss Up Scoring and Skills programs, available on our team web site:


Skills: [

While I am aware of the “official” scoring program, I think these might be a little easier to use. The field diagrams might not be immediately obvious, but I think that with a little experience, you will find that the user interface makes these faster.

These were both written in Flash, so it is not easy to port these to touch devices - sorry.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or want to suggest any enhancements.


PS: I decided to set limits only on the number of balls, not what is realistic. That is, the program will allow you to stash all four large balls on top of a goal. While this is not really feasible in the real world, if you can figure out a way to balance the balls, it is legal.](

That is cool! I might use this for easy score counting when we run skills.

May I suggest renaming “Goals (Both):” to “Stashes:”, as that is what they are officially named? :slight_smile:

Neat project, good work.

I wouldn’t use it for a competition, but it is far easier to use to calculate theoretical situations and manipulate the result.

part of the ball must be inside of the high goals, so you might as well program the realistic part in.

You need to have both robots on an alliance able to hang on the regular scoring program.

Solid tool!


If some one made a “super-stacker”, that stacked the big balls, they would all count if they were placed on a stash.

cough cough Jesse

cough Uh… Whut??? (Shh) cough

Anyway, I really love it! It’s awesome and I’m sure we will be using it during our meetings! Great project!

You should be able to have two robots hanging on the same bar. You can currently only have one bot hanging per alliance.

Thanks for the positive comments. I’m glad you like the programs. I have updated versions of both.

To Joe: I changed the titles from Goals to Stashes

To frydaddy07 and Elliot: I’ve added the ability to have two robots from each alliance hang. (Gotta love the power of object oriented programming!)

Version 1.1 now available:


Skills: [


Mentor to Team 3129, the Green MacHHHHine](