New Scouting App for Toss Up on iPad

I have a new scouting app for iPad on the App Store. Originally I wrote it for our team 8813A The Dreaming Robot and decided to make it available to everyone. The name of the app is ScoutSavant.


  1. Tournament and team data for 2013-2014 season is included in the app. This means you can search for events and teams.

  2. View all of the match data for a given team grouped by event ID

  3. you can rate a match at world’s and assign values to each team.

  4. aggregate view of all the ratings you’ve given a team for the event so far

  5. Basic stats on each team like qualifier win %, elimination win % and several other stats

I hope others find it useful.

sounds good is there a place where you can make favorites

I’m looking forward to it!

This is just what we needed. Is it open to any sort of editing, in terms of what categories you can score teams by?