New scuff controller

I’ve seen a few teams now with a newer looking scuff controller, one with 4 bumpers on the bottom and no top paddles. It looks a lot nicer and cleaner to use, but I can’t find photos or files to print it anywhere. Does anyone else know if theres files available or should I start designing my own?

George Gillard’s are here

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I printed this, you may want to make the pins that go into the back of the controller 100% infill so they don’t break off in the controller

I think I just used a decent wall thickness and it was fine. Certainly didn’t have any snap off. Been a couple of years since I printed them though so can’t remember all the settings.


I used 3 walls and 10% infill with no issues

There is also this one with all 8 face buttons but it hasn’t been released yet.

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