New Season

So we just competed in our first Vex Competition. Unfortunately we competed at the end of the season and only had a chance for one competition. So when does the 2012-2013 season start?

The new game is announced the first day of Worlds, so once its up online, you can start designing. I don’t personally know when the first meets are.

My team is in Wisconsin. We usually have our competitions start in December.

The very first competitions start around September, but most places start in November or December. However, you can start building as soon as the new game is revealed in mid-April.

Was the Flower-Mound tournament canceled?

The first WC qualifying event for Gateway was held on June 11, 2011 in Maryland.* There are VEX events held in all 12 months of the year, but the new season starts right after World Championships each year. Most North American events occur between early November and the first week of March, but you have to remember that non-North American teams are not on the same school schedule as the US and Canada, and many start the core of their season in the summer.

  • You kind of have to look through the event postings to see the earliest WC event, but I’m pretty sure it was the June 11 tournament.

Well in Hawaii the first competition to qualify for the world championship was in around August.