New sections for programming and VEXIQ

I’d like to see the following sections added
For general help in the programming languages (vs official support)

I’d also like to be able to post stuff in this forum about VexIQ, since I’m a master builder, programming rock star … oh wait I just had money to buy a kit and think it’s cool,cancel the earlier bragging. I think there will be some crossover between VEX and IQ and this would be the place to do it. The new VEX IQ forum is great for new VEX IQ people, but I want to draw people over (oh Cody, about your famous holonomic series, how would you do that in IQ)

I think there will be other teams that cross to doing both programs. Think of the Kiwi’s getting 6 year olds to do IQ then they grow to VEX through college and then the Uni guys get them. Or shudder when you think of US East Coast ACME and Sparks.

Locally I have a new grandchild and at the end of the crib is a poster with a picture that says CRUSH TABOR. In the crib are non-swallow-able IQ parts for grasping and waving. Overhead there is a mobile with the last four excellence award winners. I have a CD that says “Kanagasabapathy” and “Art Dutra is a star” over and over. To say it mildly, love the IQ. And I want it to be here also.

And I’d like a Modkit forum. I’m deprogramming my brain to take a event driven/scratch like language and make it work in my procedural brain.

I know that forum time sucks out of the real work that happens, but I think there is enough activity in these areas to get subgroups set up.


+1, please do this in the next forum upgrade "