New sensor bot (v1)

I’m after a new sensor bot.

Looking for 2 motor drive, sonar, touch, push button and inertial sensor. I see the square bot. I have about 2 million of the hex game parts that I’d like to use.

Upgrade me with some kind of object mover.

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Here’s my usual quick-build, a modified version of Damien Kee’s “miniVEX” design.

Compared to the original, my version has a slightly more robust claw and two skids in the back instead of a single caster wheel.

It includes a distance sensor and gyro but there should be plenty of room to mount additional sensors as well.


There you go, the big reason I pay Dillion $29.95 a month to be a member of the VEX forum. It’s posts like this that make my efforts easy.

Thanks @holbrook, I’ll clip one together out of parts and see if I can snick the other sensors on it. Really miss Damien’s efforts here.