New slip gear

Does anyone know how to use the new slip gear?

What do you mean by “new” slip gear. A slip gear is just a gear that has teeth cut off so that it can allow another gear to slide past. People generally use slip gears on mechanisms like punchers and catapults.

Check out some of these threads if you want to know how to make a slip gear:


The thing that resembles a golden ratio is supposedly a premade slip gear

Actually, it’s a cam. There’s a cam follower that goes with it.

The Gen2 IQ kits have a couple cams too, in the competition add-on:


For an example on how to utilize the cam I would recommend watching this video at this timestamp: VEX Nothing but Net Robot in 3 days documentary - YouTube

I think Cameron does a good job of showing how you can use a cam for a linear puncher mechanism.

You can also watch the reveal video that shows some more angles of that cam mechanism