New sound for vex tournaments!?!

Should we have new sounds for vex tournaments it would be cool.

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What do you mean by new sounds?
Are you referring to the sounds from the computer starting and ending the matches or like sounds from the robot?

Yeah those sounds…

The starting and ending sounds

i guess they could. Something maybe more modern or could be some cool sound effects of cubes falling and stacking. idrk

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It would be cool if they had a countdown

I believe they once had a countdown sound for the remainder of the match in the past. But, IMO new sounds dont sound 1/2 bad :wink:

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What game did they have the countdown in?

I guess I was incorrect. I was thinking the 30 second countdown ring back in 2012 lasted the
remaining 30 seconds but it seems to last only 5-7 seconds. If you are confused with what I am saying, search the 2012 VEX Worlds Skills run and you can hear the ring at 30 seconds.

If you have TM installed on you computer you can go into the files and find the sounds.

I agree that it would be cool for new sounds and a countdown. For example if a verbal 10 sound countdown by TM happened that would be nice so we could get a notification without looking at the countdown. I think the audience would also enjoy this. Or maybe only add a 10 second countdown to the elimination matches.

My only issue with people finding the sounds (You can also add your own sponsor logos too) and changing them is that it would cause tournaments to be different and kids not be able to rely on one set of sounds. I think if anything DWAB would have to make the decision to change sounds across the board rather then tournaments doing it them selves. I am sure if someone created new sounds that were high quality and fit the needs of DWAB and were universal (No use of vocals) it would work.

How would you do a verbal one for each country?


Use google translate idk

Or get this, leave them as is.


Yeah true i don’t even know why I even asked

You could make the noises quotes from shrek the musical

Many many years ago we had some fun fitting Super Mario Bros. sounds for matches - the theme played during the match, the pause sound for the end of autonomous and start of driver, the “hurry up” sound at 30 seconds, and the game over sound at the end of the match.

I believe we even played one match using these sounds at Worlds (this was in Dallas, so it would have been the 2nd or 3rd Worlds). I can’t remember if it was a practice match or qualification match though. Worlds was quite a bit less formal back then.

At any rate, I’m biased of course but I like the sounds as is. They’ve been around long enough that they’re somewhat iconic IMO. I agree that people should not be changing the sounds for individual events - a lot of teams react to the sounds and it could throw them off if other sounds are used.

By the way, coming up with good sounds can actually be kind of tricky. They have to be short, they have to have some inherent understood meaning, and (most importantly) they have to be able to cut through the event music and announcer’s voice yet not be so loud that they blow out people’s eardrums. Both the start match sound and the end of auto sound were purposely created to be a higher pitch as that tends to cut through other noise better.


I like the current sound. Not that it has any impact on the game, but it brings nostalgia from when I first started vex. Each year the sound of a match starting brings back some good memories.

I think adding a countdown timer would be very helpful and add a suspense factor. Many times teams are oblivious to the remaining time even with a full drive team because they are so focused on the match itself.

There’s already a 30 second warning sound. Beyond that, I’d say that counting down is the emcee’s job. In fact I can’t think of a VEX event I’ve been to do that didn’t have an emcee counting down to the end of the match.


I can’t recall that sound. Are you sure there is a 30 second countdown? In all the matches I’ve seen as well, I’ve never heard it. Also, most emcees only countdown the last 2-3 seconds as counting down from 30 seconds would detract from the match. I think a small beep every 5 seconds would be very helpful for the last 30 seconds or some form alert. Sometimes the timer isn’t easily visible as well.

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