New Stacking Meta??!!??

Efficiency in its truest form

Are flywheels making a comeback?!
Or maybe early SS launchers

180’s robot can already do this. Just watch their incredible reveal. This is old news.

I did it first last year, and they cut the video and it was fake. Just saying

@Zach929Y I know it’s fake, but you’re gonna need to take it up with the meme police for stealing your memes. I’m not the meme police, I just aim to gain maximum recognition with minimum effort.

Are you saying i steal my memes? You disgust me peasant.

This LEGEND did it first. Trying to steal his fire

I did it on another cone tho… Which is lighter, therefore making it harder to do. Who’s the legend now?


You should play this to determine who gets their preferred field color during elimination.

@929U ~ Kent Agree 100%