New Star, Hex & Nut Tools Available at

We’ve just added a wide selection of new Hex, Star Drive and nut tools to at great prices. These high quality tools are made to last, with Bondhus tools made in the USA and Felo & Wiha tools made in Germany. As an official distributor of Bondhus & Felo products we are proud to offer low prices, and if you’re looking to make a bulk purchase or want something we don’t have listed, just send us an email.

All Bondhus, Felo and Wiha tools carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty (subject to the manufacturer’s terms), but our team has been using many of these tools for a while and they’ve help up amazingly.

You can find all of our tools here, and below is a quick summary of what we have.

Nut Tools

Multipurpose Ratchet Wrench ($3.99) - Handy mini wrench to tighten nuts, can fit hex & star drive bits for screws too.
Bondhus Hollow Shaft Nut Driver ($4.49) | Wiha SoftFinish Nut Driver ($7.49)

## Star Drive Tools
Felo Torx Premium Screwdriver ($3.99) | Felo T-Handle Torx Driver ($3.99) | Bondhus BallStar Ball End Torx Driver ($4.99)

Bondhus ProHold T15 Driver ($4.99) | Wiha Precision Torx Driver ($4.99) | Wiha SoftFinish Torx Scredriver ($4.99)

We also have a variety of premium L-wrench type keys, including Bondhus ProHold keys, as well as star drive bits.

## Hex Tools
Bondhus GoldGuard Ball End Driver ($3.99) | Bondhus ProHold Ball End Hex Driver ($3.99) | Bondhus T-Handle Hex Driver ($2.99)

Wiha Precision Hex Driver ($3.99) | Bondhus Extra Long Ball End Hex Key ($0.99) | Bondhus Stubby Ball End Hex Key ($0.99)

We also have regular hex keys, hex bits, and ball end extended hex bits.

As always, your purchases from are greatly appreciated and help support our team! If you have any questions, please ask.

Cool, there is a LOT of variety in these screw drivers.

I have to say I am very happy that vex is making this move to the star bit, hopefully no more stripped screws and dremeling to undo something. And now that Robosource has than we can get them for cheaper, easier to make the move.

These guys have great quality! Ordered from them before, all the parts came in quick and as expected. They also came with RoboSource pens :smiley:

One of the product pages says “T8 size fits VEX EDR® star drive couplers”

What are the “VEX star drive couplers?”

This page should sum it up for you:

I didn’t realize they were planning on releasing those in star drive as well. I thought it was just standard screws. Thank you!

Does this mean they are making star drive set screws for collars? I haven’t seen them yet, and they need it more than anything. The black set screws are the first things to strip.

I second this, in case VEX folks are reading.