New Starstruck Robot before adding power

This was just proof of concept. Now they are adding the cortex and batteries. I hope it works as good as it looks like it might.

Sorry, what are you talking about?
There are no attached images or videos.

Standby. I will upload the video again and link to it.

I have a good link in there now.

I’m speechless…

Would it be possible to make the video available in Germany too? I don’t get to view it :frowning:

Try this link:

It will be a download of the video.

I’m new to VEX this year. That looks like a great start to your robot!

Not sure why the Rick Roll was included afterwards though. :frowning: I didn’t even know that people still did that in 2016.

We’re gonna have to get revenge for that rickrolling by winning your competition next weekend… that is, if we can finish our robot next time. Looks like a solid design!

Good luck, but it will not be revenge. :slight_smile: We do not compete in our own tournaments. I make the team volunteer. We are looking forward to seeing you.

By the way, here are a couple pictures of the robot now that we have everything on it.

Are there any issues with tipping? It looks like a very small drive base. Other than that, looks great!

My thoughts exactly. I’ve seen robots with a normal base use anti-tip bars with that kind of launcher.