New Teacher with the Cortex system


I’m a new teacher that just got 6 brand new kits from VEX, opened three weeks ago. They came with the Cortex system (the one before V5). I don’t have smart parts like the motors or sensors either. I thought I could just link it to my program and go but all the new VEX coding studios won’t see my cortex.

Can anyone help me get started? What are some programs my classes can use? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I do not believe VCS supports the old system. You will have to use RobotC to code it.


Personally our class uses robot C

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+1. VCS is for V5


RobotC is very easy to learn, and it even gives you suggestions on what to type. It’s pretty intuitive.

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What type of computers do you and your students use? With all Macs, we went with PROS for the Cortex. If we’d been running Windows, I probably would have gone with RobotC. There are other options, like EasyC, too.

All windows here. thank you

I would look into Robot Mesh Studio (RMS). It supports several languages, ranging in difficulty from beginner (blockly, graphical), to intermediate (python, text based). Its “mimic” virtual robot simulation is also very helpful for teaching. I was able to get a room of beginners up and running with RMS python in a few hours over the summer.

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