New team and VRC grant

We want to start a new VRC team at our junior high. We have a high school team and junior high has an IQ team. Would we qualify for grant to start a VRC team for 8th grade?

It would depend on the grant. Each area probably has different grants, and they probably list how to apply online.
Edit: I misunderstood the intentions of the post. I thought they were asking about community and township grants.

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You can find a list of grants offered by the REC Foundation here:

However, as we are near the end of the competition season, most of the grants listed on this page have already been awarded. Be sure to check back often as grants for the 2019-2020 season will be added periodically.


@DRow , do the vex robotics competition ones actually come with v5? (I mean right now)

I was told in the past regarding grants for the Vex ones that they did not issue them until September (at least in our area). I know they also don’t even let you apply for those ones until after the new game is out…

Thanks for the infomation