New Team Dilemma

Hey guys, need some advice. One of our teammates siblings is about to start robotics(VRC) next year and is very excited to get the chance to do it. Only problem is, the middle school they are going to has a new coach, but the thing is he is only a babysitter really, and plans to drop the program over the next two years or so. Doing so would be awful, but the school would have to find a new coach, which would take awhile. I offered to mentor, but our school team meets the same day and time as theirs do. One more problem is that the school in general might not be giving enough funding, as I can’t find the “team” anywhere or in any competitions.
So my dilemma is, should we have them just go and try their best at that school, and me mentoring as much as I can. Or should they try and start a GoFundMe to start a private team?

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My suggestion is to give them as much support as you can, and try to get results out of the team in the 1-2 years you have, so that the school can’t easily drop the team. If the school has an engineering program, you could try to convince the team to change mentors to someone more dedicated long term if possible. Hope this helps/ gives you ideas.


Thanks for the advice, ended up using it to make the situation much better! Just as an update, they ended up going to a private team that we know, and now we’re mentoring that team as well, so it’s a win-win in all regards. Good luck this season!

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You can do what I did one year and that is both the MS and the HS team builds in the same location. We met evenings from 6-8 and one bay had the HS team and the MS team in the other bay. I just went from bay to bay to help out.

It let us stretch scare mentor resources.

That’s great news! Glad t worked out.


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