New Team Engineering Notebook question

I am sorry if this is not the proper place to post this question, I have never used a forum before. Anyway, I am having trouble with what pen to use in the engineering notebook that does not leave marks on the next page. I have tried multiple pens, and they all can be seen on the next page. The notebook that I am using is the one on amazon with the gold lettering on the cover. What should I do? Do I keep chugging even though you can see the letters? Or, is it okay to only do the fronts of pages?

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We use Pilot G2s because they don’t bleed to much and tend to be the most consistent of pens we’ve tried. Maybe switch to a pilot, keep chugging, just do front and back, but consider switching to a thicker-paged notebook in the future.


Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

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maybe using an expensive notebook would solve your problem rather than a pen

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Honestly, I don’t think that using an expensive notebook would solve his problem. It’s more about the quality of the notebook, not it’s price (but a higher price can denote higher quality [not all of the time though]).


I did buy what I thought was the best notebook, and it was rather pricey too, but thank you!


I agree, thank you! I will check out the quality more next time.

As someone that used to use grid paper composition notebooks from staples, I would say you can get away with a cheap notebook. I wouldn’t use a Pilot G2. the G2 has a very pointy tip. Pilot has the FAIXION line which works nice on most papers. You can also almost never go wrong with a Uniball.


Thank you! I will definitely try those out.

It’s a bit expensive but we use microns for writing in ours. They don’t usually bleed through pages, but if you press down too hard/hold it in a spot for too long it may.


I actually thought about using microns, but for some reason you can totally see them through the page with my notebook! I have never had that happen before with those markers. It was a shame, but thank you!

My favorite pens to use are uni-ball signos. I have never had them bleed through and they worked well for us in the past season.

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My favorite pens are pilot marker style erasables. They’ve never bled, are relatively cheap, and erase with little to no trace of even the darkest lines. They also come in packs of 10 so you can keep them in each bag or box that your team carries.
Their only con is that they have a relatively low ink capacity and aren’t refillable. I burn through one in about 30 pages.

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Isn’t the point of using pens that they don’t erase?

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They erase that specific pen brand so that you can make corrections while maintaining the professional look. It helps to be able to edit things.

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Isn’t the point of pens not being able to edit things, so the judges know you aren’t going back and changing things?


But you look stupid when you misspell something or a line on your diagram is crooked. Pens are a thing so that students can get used to making a clean professional presentation.

No, you look like you made a small mistake.

You use a pen to maintain the integrity of the entries, not to “make it professional”. It’s ok to make mistakes.


Thank you, @2775Josh. That was what I was trying to say, but much better than I could have.


If you wish to have a presentation for the judges during your interview, great. Make a nice presentation and keep it in your pit to show to the judges during your interview. This will help make your interview more professional! (As a judge from local events through the world championship, I’ve noticed many teams don’t take time to prepare for the interview, which is often the deciding factor for judged awards). The judges are not looking for a presentation in your engineering notebook, however, they are looking for the actual day-to-day work that you have done.