New Team Forming

As another new team starting the 2016-2017 challenge, does VEX suggest a robot build or does the team figure out for themselves what to build?

Default build is Clawbot using the instructions provided. That is what most people do when they get their superkit. Anything else is what team wants to build and that is part of the fun/challenge for the kids.

I have started my teams off with building the Clawbot just to get them used to the parts. When they try to use the Clawbot to try to play the game it helped them realize its shortcomings and quickly started them thinking about how they could change it to better suit the game.

Aloha Steven57,
As everyone mentioned the Clawbot is the best place to start. I would suggest also that you purchase a few of the VEX IQ STEM kits. These kits are great to show kids different ways of connecting the pieces to create different types of mechanics. The majority of the kits are around $20 with one or two pushing close to $100. The catapult kit, cross bow kit and especially the ball machines will definitely help the kids see how all the parts work together. As an added bonus, all of these VEX STEM kit parts can be used in competition. My kids really like the colors and the translucent beam parts. You can even purchase these kits at Target and Toys R Us. It’s Great!! I hope this helps. Best wishes on a successful season.